8 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

Fleksy becomes the Samsung Gear S"s keyboard app of choice

Immediately a few hours after the Samsung Gear S smart Watch was officially announced, Fleksy blew out their trumpet saying that a crazy wonderful keyboard app has come with a choice for Samsung’s curved time- piece. They also made it clear that Fleksy will be the only one fully integrated 3rd party in their partnership to launch it and will be available to all users for free.
Fleksy-Gear-S-Banner-03As if this is not enough, Fleksy will automatically continue to support its Fleksy messenger application on both Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo hoping to announce the main update soon. Those who own Sammy’s latest powered –Tizen, straight smart watches won’t be left behind as well.



Flesky is well known as the best keyboard apps ever, having an Android version which usually holds a Guinness World record for typing speed. This application has well excelled over its two years in history. Flesky is the first keyboard app to be shipped as a SmartWatch as well as the first to arrive on iOS. It is also the first one to discover 3D gesture systems like Leap Motion and the first app to incorporate with Samsung Gear 2.

To get more on Flesky, check out on our reviews as well as on how it costs on keyboard app shoots!

Fleksy becomes the Samsung Gear S"s keyboard app of choice

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